Trang chủ DYNASAND filter

DynaSand was introduced in 1980. Its uninterrupted mode of operation, making DynaSand simple and reliable, quickly gained acceptance. The original concept remains the same although technical development has improved the design. DynaSand represents state of the art in continious filtration.

DynaSand offer a cost-effective solution founded on intelligent, unique product.

DynaSand are applied in:

- Drinking water treatment.
- Industrial process water supply.
- Recycling of process water.
- Treatment of wastewater before discharge.
- Recovery of wastewater.

The products are applied by public utilities, pulp and paper industry, iron and steel industry, chemical process industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining and mineral industry, power plants and heating utilities, incineration plants and metal finishing and electroplating industry.

DynaSand is market leaders in continuous filtration 80.000 units installed throughout the world.

We are offering a complete program of models and auxiliary equipment adapted to application and customer requirements. NWT supplies single units as well as equipment packages and complete treatment plants.

To download the information, follow the links below:

DynaSand - Broschyr Clean Water viet .pdf (1 030 kb).
DynaSand - NWPClean Water.pdf (1 020 kb).

1. Filter tank standing

2. The filter system installed in a concrete tank:


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